Over the last 20 years, Jeff Stemke has become a world class knowledge management specialist – a pioneer at Chevron who has made a lasting and significant impact on our company.

Louie Ehrlich
Chevron CIO

Jeff Stemke is one of those rare practitioners who have been intimately involved in the KM journey from the start. He has learned through practice and experience how to develop and execute KM business strategies and tactics in one of the most challenging industries in the global marketplace.

What stands out for me about Jeff is his passion for learning within the context of ‘big business’, and his ability to listen and engage in meaningful conversations that prompt and provoke people to think about new possibilities.

Kent Greenes
President, Greenes Consulting

Business Challenges: Growth and Talent

Business growth and talent development are among the top three CEO concerns. Many companies are facing one or more of the following talent challenges:

  • Close new hire knowledge gaps to decrease time to deliver meaningful value
  • Ensure teams have the know-how to deliver high quality results needed to meet goals
  • Increase workforce performance to maintain competitiveness and accelerate growth
  • Minimize disruption as an aging workforce takes critical knowledge out the door

The need for cost-effective methods to transfer knowledge from those who have it to those who need it has never been greater.

Knowledge Transfer: Getting Started

We've designed a practical knowledge transfer system that can be integrated into the existing operations of any company. We will deliver a fit-for-purpose set of Knowledge Transfer processes, and help your IT staff configure collaboration tools to support effective knowledge capture and reuse.

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Successful deployment is led by your team of business managers, HR, KM and IT practitioners. This team has the necessary expertise, influence and accountability. We work with your staff to transfer the know-how they need to carry out their responsibilities.

We kick-start the project by working with your team and business managers to identify critical expertise needed to meet business goals. We will teach you how to select and execute the most transfer appropriate methods. And we’ll be there if you need guidance along the way.


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Unlocking the Value of Knowledge

Effective knowledge transfer can make a significant and measurable impact on these talent challenges. For example, it can shorten a new hire’s time to positive cash flow (after recovering salary and training costs) by accelerating early career learning. This enables employees to handle meaningful work more quickly, which is exactly what Gen X employees are asking for.

Effective knowledge and know-how transfer can increase the productivity and performance of your staff to levels approaching that of your best practitioners and reduce business risks or disruptions by identifying and transferring critical expertise before key staff leaves.

Business benefits for this effective knowledge and know-how transfer can be measured by increased revenue, reduced costs, spurring of innovation to create new products and services and increased customer satisfaction.

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Sustainable Change in Workforce Performance

Knowledge transfer should not be considered a one-time reaction to the impending boomer retirements. The need is universal and never ending. Our approach provides managers with proven ways to achieve sustainable value by accelerating competency, raising performance, and maintaining business continuity.

Our implementation will provide the right mix of processes, tools and skills to integrate knowledge transfer into your existing operations. The business benefits will align with your company’s business strategy and metrics, and the resulting knowledge-sharing behaviors will help your company thrive against your competition in the years ahead.