Over the last 25 years, Jeff Stemke has become a world class knowledge management specialist – a pioneer at Chevron who has made a lasting and significant impact on our company.

Louie Ehrlich
Chevron CIO

Jeff Stemke is one of those rare practitioners who have been intimately involved in the KM journey from the start. He has learned through practice and experience how to develop and execute KM business strategies and tactics in one of the most challenging industries in the global marketplace.

What stands out for me about Jeff is his passion for learning within the context of ‘big business’, and his ability to listen and engage in meaningful conversations that prompt and provoke people to think about new possibilities.

Kent Greenes
President, Greenes Consulting

Unlocking the Value of Knowledge Transfer
Sustainable Change in Workforce Performance

A big question is: will you have the thought leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to run and grow your business?

Our white paper describes how effective knowledge transfer can create extraordinary value in your critical business metrics while helping to ensure that your workforce has the capabilities, expertise, flexibility and resilience to adapt to change and thrive versus your competition.

The aging workforce with looming boomer retirements, can create dire consequences as important knowledge walks out the door. The exodus is underway. You may be worried by skills gaps in the younger hires joining your company. Both factors impact your business goals to reduce process costs or cycle time, grow revenue, improve customer service or innovate and accelerate merger integration.

Knowledge is a necessary ingredient for high workforce performance, but it is not enough. You also need seasoning in the form of experience that applies the knowledge in real work. The combination of knowledge with the ability to apply it effectively is called know-how, and it typically takes many years of practice to develop.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could teach your employees to think like your best experts? The most effective ways to transfer knowledge include:

  • Knowledge Networks
  • Mentoring / Shadowing
  • Peer Assist
  • Knowledge Elicitation
  • Asking Questions

Knowledge transfer is more than a one-time reaction to the impending Boomer retirements. The need is universal and never ending. Our approach provides managers with proven ways to achieve sustainable value by accelerating competency, raising performance, and maintaining business continuity.

We work with you to provide the right mix of practical, proven processes, tools and skills to integrate knowledge transfer into your existing operations. The measurable business benefits will align with your company’s specific business strategy and metrics. Reinforcing the resulting knowledge-sharing behaviors will help your company thrive against your competition in the years ahead.

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Visual-KnowHowTM for SharePoint
Supercharge SharePoint Collaboration

The SharePoint Team site hasn’t changed much in the last decade. UNTIL NOW!

We are introducing Visual-KnowhowTM, our modernized Team site replacement based on knowledge visualization concepts. You will find content or experts in ONE-CLICK. Document business value from knowledge transfer using your organization’s metrics to show the ROI your leaders require. Visual-KnowhowTM can help HR accelerate time to competency by 50% while shaping sharing behavior with real-time activity metrics and peer recognition.

Next-Generation Features
  • Knowledge Map finds relevant content and experts in One Click
  • Customizable to your business processes
  • Document Business Value using your metrics
  • Real-time Metrics for value and activity
  • Responsive Design (phone/tablet) and Modern List/Libraries
  • Accelerate Competency of newer employees
  • Q&A Forum, Best Practices, Lessons Learned, Member profiles
  • Reinforce Behaviors to seek, share and adopt
  • Skill Directory (using sills in User Profiles)
  • Easy setup without IT support for Online and On-Premise

Clickable Knowledge Map (Example)