Next-Generation SharePoint Knowledge Network
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  • Graphical Knowledge Map - Find people and content quickly using expert’s mental model
  • Capture Business Value - cost savings, revenue growth, cycle time, quality...
  • Effective Discussion/Q&A Process - quality answers in hours not days
  • Real-time Activity Metrics - items contributed, viewed by…
  • Member Profile Integrates with Delve - easy way to manage a corporate expert directory
  • Responsive-UI - for tablets and phones
  • Custom List Forms - easily configured layouts and styles

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Unlocking the Value of Knowledge Transfer
A big question is: will you have the thought leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to run and grow your business?

This white paper describes how effective knowledge transfer can create extraordinary value in your critical business metrics while helping to ensure that your workforce has the capabilities, expertise, flexibility and resilience to adapt to change and thrive versus your competition.

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The Rest of the Story...
In 2000, just after the Chevron and Texaco merger, we faced many integration challenges. One of the most critical was sharing knowledge between Chevron’s five existing domestic refineries and eight new international refineries acquired from Caltex.

We developed a global knowledge base (Lotus Notes in those days) to share our vast best practices library. We also had to find a way for the new refineries to tap into our collective expertise to provide quick answers to operating problems. We added a sophisticated Q&A/Discussion component. Over 2,000 plant supervisors and engineers could get quality answers to their problems in hours not days. Each of the participants provided a profile listing the processes or equipment that they knew about. This helped for outreach when a refinery was facing an urgent problem. Our first expertise directory!

We built cost and time-savings into the application and used this to document over $100 million in cost savings in the first eight years of use. It was a huge success! I have now replicated many of these features in a SharePoint site. An example is shown on the left side of the page.

I will soon be offering a free demo site containing many of my KM tools and publications using a simplified version of the site. It will work on SharePoint 365 and 2013.

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Send me an email if you would like a copy.