Our Approach

Stemke Consulting Group helps organizations unlock the value of their knowledge to accelerate competency and increase business performance. We work with you to identify your desired business outcomes, the indicators that will demonstrate success and the expected impact for your organization.

We start by quickly assessing your relevant strategy and talent processes. We recommend improvements to increase impact and value.

We work collaboratively with your staff to integrate our methods into your existing operations and transfer the know-how needed for successful deployment.

Ongoing guidance is available to help fine-tune operations or support new opportunities.

We can help you create discipline-based roadmaps with learning action plans that rapidly transform novices into subject matter experts.

Knowledge Transfer

  • Social Learning using today’s social media tools (e.g., blogs, wikis) and SharePoint we connect people to learn from each other informally in ways they naturally interact. We have developed environments that enable staff to reach out to a global cloud of colleagues to ask and answer questions, solve problems, make decisions or share ideas. These tools can be integrated with your work processes to provide learning and performance support.

  • Communities of Practice (CoP) are groups of people with a common job function, skill or competency who work together to share knowledge, experience, insight, and advice; solve problems; and explore new ideas. CoPs are one of the most effective social learning structures. For one large client, we created design, launch and sustain processes that helped over 100 CoPs deliver tremendous value for their members and the organization.

  • Skills Mentoring is one of the most widely used transfer methods. We deployed a process to teach mentors “how to mentor” to deliver measurable learning results. The process includes identifying specific skills, dividing the work into teachable chunks encapsulated into a mentoring plan and understanding on how to conduct an effective mentoring engagement. The method was used successfully on a recent cost-reducing offshoring project.

  • Knowledge Coaching combines teaching, demonstration, discussion and hands-on practice with quick feedback. For one client we developed a robust coaching process that combines all of these concepts to deliver measurable increases in skills, work performance and customer satisfaction.

  • Knowledge Elicitation uses facilitated conversations with one or more experts to help them explain their work processes, tools and common problems. The "holy grail" is to identify their mental model - what they have learned to be the most important factors while doing their work. Common formats include interviews, peer assists, master classess and team to team transfer.

Strategy Development

  • Increasing Workforce Performance - a global manufacturing client that had recently gone through a merger needed a way to expand technical support to their new operations. We designed and deployed a global system that connects engineers and operators to ask and answer questions and share ideas about operating problems. This system has produced over $100 million in cost and time savings.

  • Accelerating Competency Development - an IT client planned to offshore significant resources that needed to quickly get up to speed to provide reliable and effective services. We developed a knowledge transfer strategy that combined mentoring, coaching and performance assessment to get the new hires up to speed quickly.

  • Creating a Knowledge-Sharing Culture - for an executive development program we led an “Enterprise Collaboration” agenda to help future leaders think globally about sharing knowledge and working together to solve tough challenges and capitalize on opportunities throughout the business value chain.

  • World-Class Performance - we worked with a client to design and launch a set of global networks to deploy and continually improve health, safety and environment initiatives. This project was an important element in achieving world-class safety performance.

  • Staffing to Meet Strategic Goals - we worked with an HR department to integrate knowledge transfer action plans into their strategic staffing process. This helped ensure that the right people with the right skills and experience will be in place to deliver results for strategic plans.

  • Knowledge Retention and Transfer - the leadership of a global client was concerned about retirements and knowledge "walking out the door" as well as preparing the "new crew" to work safety and reliably. We developed a comprehensive knowledge retention process including a critical knowledge loss risk assessment, identification of target successors, selection of appropriate transfer methods and evaluation of the results of action plans.

  • Technology Adoption - is one example of a significant change management opportunity. For one large IT client, we designed and led a technology adoption project to increase the use of SharePoint. This work identified critical gaps and produced a three year roadmap to close them.